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Beer And Baseball - The History

Beer And Baseball - The History
By Baseball Tees - Custom Official

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Two simple words are seemingly like music to almost every baseball fan’s ears. No, we're not talking about “Play ball” or "Home Run," we are talking about "Beer Me!"  These two words go together like a great shortstop-second base combo up the middle and can make a baseball game even more enjoyable than it already is. 
Baseball and beer have gone hand-in-hand throughout the years, but the connection between beer drinking and baseball-ing, has had its ups and downs for at least the past 100 years. For example, in the late 1800's, the National League began kicking teams out of their league for selling beer during baseball games. Today, you can’t go a single pitch (on television or in the park) without seeing beer commercials/advertisements, begging you to pick their 'buds'.

The game of baseball, the beer, and of course our Beer Series Baseball Tees, have most definitely changed over time, but one thing will always ring true and that is that beer, baseball and a great tee, is all you need to watch your favorite team bring home the W.  Let's take a look at how beer and baseball got to the big leagues over 100 years ago and why it's enjoyed by so many while taking in America's Pastime today.  

From the beginning of professional baseball, beer was one among the earliest, and most common concession items in the game, until around 1920. The 18th Amendment was enacted which prohibited the manufacturing & sale of alcohol, completely. The enactment of Prohibition left baseball stadiums everywhere, dry and sterile of beer, which, right next to hot dogs, was the true lifeblood of concessions. Baseball stadiums would eventually gain a reputation as a speakeasy of sorts, with vendors carrying a harness filled with highballs, to sell drinks to fans, all while security was present. 

In 1933, right around the same time as Major League Baseball's Opening Day, Prohibition was uprooted and everybody from baseball fans to baseball players, to owners rejoiced. Coincidentally, big league Baseball’s first All-Star Game was this year, a celebration that might certainly be amid beer. The decade long beer drought was over and baseball couldn't be happier!

In the 1940's, beer sponsorships during local baseball broadcasts ramped up exponentially. Beer companies were doing anything they could to get their name in front of as many fans as possible.  Announcers were renaming their Home Run calls to include Beer companies names like the "Ballantine Blast." Beer and baseball were together again, but this bond was just the beginning. 

Baseball television broadcasts were full of beer advertisements in the 50's & 60's, both in game and during commercial breaks. Many local brewing companies in these metropolitan cities allocated thousands of dollars specifically for baseball advertising, a trend that would continue for years to come. One of the most notable partnerships between beer and baseball is the Milwaukee Brewers and Miller Beer, a name that is synonymous with the great game of baseball.  

Today, if you walk through any stadium on game day, you will find all of your mainstream corporate brews like Budweiser & Coors at almost every concession stand around the park.  Teams like the San Diego Padres have taken beer to the next level by bringing in local craft-breweries to sell their specialty brews around the main concourse to give fans a more personal & intimate look into the beer scene of San Diego.   

Beer and sports remain a dynamic duo, with approximately 80% of normal drinkers consuming beer during their baseball outing. Beer sales at baseball stadiums are still on the rise, and with more options to choose from than ever before, ballparks all around the majors are making the most of our beer drinking, baseball loving, culture. 
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