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It's World Series Time | Baseball Tees WS Shirts - LA/TB

Baseball Tees | World Series Tees

(Scroll down for WS Tees) It is time for the 2020 Major League Baseball World Series, and it's going to be a wild and weird one to say the least (That is right up Baseball Tees’ Alley, ya know)! A 60-game regular season, playoffs in opposite leagues’ ballparks, lavishly large crowds of fans/celebrities/dead people, in the form of cardboard cutouts -- like everything else that 2020 has laid upon us, there was almost nothing about this Major League baseball season that was, what we like to call, normal.  But, like day’s ending in “Y”, you can count on Baseball Tees to bring you the BEST Baseball Shirts for the World Series and beyond - With a Twist! 

Take Me Out To The Ballgame? 

Close your eyes and let the sound of MLB The Show’s, fake crowd noise take you away to a different time - A time where you could go to a ballgame in person and sit next to a complete stranger for 3+ hours and high five them when your team hits the first homer in the series! Since “normal” isn’t really a thing right now, you can still show your team spirit at home, by grabbing Baseball Tees Raise Up and/or Bleed Blue Tees. Here's everything you need to know about the World Series and how you can get your hands on these amazing baseball shirts!

Who is Playing in the World Series?

If you don’t know who is playing in the World Series before reading this, you are probably in the wrong place. The LA Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Rays will meet this year in the 2020 World Series - It seems strange that the world series only involves two Countries, by the way, but I digress. Now, were these two teams not fierce enemies, they might actually be soulmates: each team hails from a city that has already celebrated a championship this year (Lakers in the NBA, Lightning in the Stanley Cup), they both have potent offenses & strike hungry pitching staffs, they both had the best records in their respective leagues and they both wear some combo of blue and white in their uniforms. Dodgers, tried and true and the Rays have mixed it up over the years (remember they were called the Devil Rays at one time?)

With that being said, the Dodgers and Rays are strangers to a very non-normal place for them to be calling it home (aka Arlington, Texas).The whole series will take place at the Texas Rangers' new Globe Life Field in Arlington. Normally, the teams would switch off between their home fields, but since this is The Strangest Year, for everything, the MLB playoffs have operated in a modified bubble and all games will be played at one site. The Dodgers had the best winning percentage among all teams in baseball this year and since both #1 seeds are facing off, LA’s .717 winning percentage was better than that of the Rays at .667, giving them “Home Field” Advantage for the series. 

To commemorate the best two teams from 2020 and in typical Baseball Tees fashion, we are happy to release our brand new - Raise Up & Bleed Blue Tees! These baseball shirts are inspired by the teams with the best record, playing in the weirdest conditions, striving to each get a ring that will reshape their lives forever - etching their names into the record books. 

Baseball Tees - Raise Up & Bleed Blue Tees

Baseball tees are made for Today’s Player!  Good Luck to both teams and Let’s have a great World Series - Baseball Tees Style!

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