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MLB Postseason Power Rankings 2021 - Baseball Tees

Who Will Be Crowned A Champion?
MLB Postseason Power Rankings 2021

MLB Playoff Picture | Baseball Tees


Are you ready for October Baseball? 

Well, these ten teams are and Baseball Tees is set to rank them, top to bottom, so you know what to expect come game time.  As always, make sure to gear up for October by grabbing Baseball Tees Custom line of Postseason tees & hoodies  -  Made For Today’s Player - @  

After a wild regular season that took the entire 162 game schedule to decide the postseason field, we are ready for playoff baseball and crowning the next World Series Champions. The stakes are high, the nerves are being tested, and each pitch matters more than before.  All ten teams come into the playoffs with a record of 0-0, but we are going to take a stab at ranking them, to see who has the best chance of coming out of this gauntlet... victorious. 

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Baseball Tees - MLB 2021 Power Rankings - Postseason

1) San Francisco Giants

Projected to win 72 games over the entire 2021 season, the Giants defied any & all odds the makers put on them.  They were the first team to win 70 games.. 80, 90, & 100 games and finished the season, winning the NL West Division title on the last day (game 162) of the regular season - With their 107th (franchise record) victory.  This team is complete from top to bottom, but both Wild-Card contenders present their own set of obstacles along the Giants’ path to glory. 

2) Los Angeles Dodgers

Reaching the finish line with the second best record in Major League Baseball, the Dodgers finished the regular season going 37-10 (dating back to Aug. 13th)  helping them pick up 4 games on the Giants in the process & stockpiling 106 wins along the way.  Like the Giants, this team too is complete, but on paper, this might be the team to beat - The Cardinals may say otherwise. Stay tuned.

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3) Tampa Bay Rays

One of the only early winners of their division and the best record in the American League, the Rays won 100 regular season games for the first time in franchise history on their way to back-to-back NL East Titles.  The number 2 team in runs scored and the AL’s best ERA (3.67) has the Rays poised to be around for a while and possibly repeat a visit to the World Series. 

4) Milwaukee Brewers

Although the Brewers fell on hard times to wrap up the season - losing series to the Dodgers & Cardinals - They remain confident in their chances for their first world series title in franchise history.  As the number 2 seed and NL Central champs, the Brewers pitching is aligned perfectly to match up with any team in the National League.  Maybe the extra days off before the NLDS is just what they need coming off their season ending slide 

5) Houston Astros

The Astros are entering their 5th straight postseason by winning the American League West by 5 games over the Seattle Mariners (great season by the M’s by the way).  The Astros, winners of 7 of their last 10, put up 23 runs in their series win against the Oakland Athletics.  They will look to build upon that recent success as they take on the Chicago White Sox in the ALDS, starting Thursday. 

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6) Chicago White Sox

The White Sox, winners of 93 regular season games & the AL Central Title, struggled to maintain their first half dominance over the entire 162 games. Despite going 35-32 over their last 67 games, the Sox are hopeful their rotation & bullpen can continue their recent 6-game string of a 1.41 ERA baseball to get them off to a hot start against Houston. 

7) Atlanta Braves

With the worst record of any team to make the playoffs (88-73) the Braves have brought new light to the meaning “roll with the punches.” This team, like many others, were decimated by injuries but that didn’t stop them from storming back in their division and taking the National League East Title for the 4th time in a row and 16th in franchise history.  From the middle of September, the Braves won 4 of 5 series to take the East and now have their Ace, Charlie Morton taking the mound in Game 1, against the Brewers. 

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8) New York Yankees

The New York Yankees have been one of the most frustrating teams in baseball this year - looking like the Bronx Bombers of old at times & looking/playing like the Little League Yankees from Rochester. Take for example, their final two weeks of the season; Winning 8 of 9 games to climb back into playoff contention, while getting routed 12-2 by the Rays in game 161 to force the drama of game 162.  No matter how they managed to get through their season, this lineup on paper is still scary and the Yanks can crank up the octane come playoff time.  They will need to get through the Red Sox tonight, if they plan to show the world what they are made of. 

9) St. Louis Cardinals

Who? The red birds of St. Louis are the biggest surprise of the whole playoff landscape as they defied all odds to secure their spot as the no. 2 Wild Card team in the National League.  The Cardinals’ September was one they will never forget, going 22-7, including a 17-game winning streak, that took a once-compelling playoff race and turned it into a laugh-er.  The second NL Wild Card spot was finalized a week before the #1 spot could be determined.  Look out MLB, the Cardinals are hot which could propel them through the playoffs, similar to the Nationals of 2019. 

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10) Boston Red Sox

Miraculously finding their way into the #4 position (#1 AL Wild Card) for the 2021 playoff picture, the Boston Red Sox took a great start to the 2021 campaign and paired that with a dismal start to the second half that carried them to the end.  A clean sweep of the Nationals to end the year, slid the Red Sox back into the playoffs with a win-or-go-home showdown against the Yankees. 

So… Are you ready for October?  Who will win the World Series in 2021?  Comment your thoughts below!

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