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Swinging Through Baseball's Unwritten Rules

Fernando Tatis Jr. & Yermin Mercedes Are Issuing In New Rules For Baseball - One 3-0 Swing At a Time!

As baseball players begin to reach the Major Leagues at younger ages than ever before, we have seen a shift in the way the game is being played and old-school, unwritten rules are being broken.
These unwritten rules, (while some still deserve recognition, like making the 1st or 3rd out at 3rd Base = No Bueno) need to be reexamined and evaluated based upon the the way the game is played today - not how it was 10, 20, 30 years ago.
At Baseball Tees, we love Baseball, past & present, but our opinion on the topic of swinging 3-0 (regardless of score) is pretty EXPLICIT.  Before continuing, please see our Pitcher Advisory, below:
I Swing 3-0 Pitcher Advisory Tee | Baseball Tees
The (unwritten) rule we are talking about is a "courtesy" clause, secretly attached to every baseball game that binds, Players & Managers to this 'rule':
Unwritten Rule 23.2D: "If you are kicking the crap out of an opponent, you willingly agree (Managers) to unwillingly (Players) "Give Up At-Bats" to help finish the ballgame. The trailing team is allowed to bring in a position player to pitch, in which you must try even less... Oh and absolutely, NO SWINGING ON 3-0 PITCHES, unless you make an out."
PENALTY: Managers are allowed to openly criticize you for being successful/producing and the other team gets to throw at you in your next at bat against them. (See Examples Below)
Yermin Mercedes, a 28-year old, Dominican-born Catcher for the Chicago White Sox was criticized by his Manager, Tony La Russa, for swinging at a 3-0 pitch in the 9th inning of a blow out game against the Minnesota Twins, on May 17th - And hitting a homerun.
"With that kind of a lead, that's just sportsmanship," La Russa stated to the press. " He made a mistake. There will be a consequence that he's going to have to endure within our family. It won't happen again."
The following day, against the Twins, Reliver Tyler Duffey threw the first pitch of Mercedes' at-bat behind him - Prompting the umpiring crew to eject Duffey and Twins' Manager, Rocco Baldelli.
Similarly in 2020, Fernando Tatis Jr., of the San Diego Padres, came under fire for hitting a Grand Slam on a 3-0 pitch against the Texas Rangers in the 8th inning, amidst a 14-4 blowout win.
Rangers' Manager, Chris Woodward, had this to say about the 3-0 swing, "There's a lot of unwritten rules that are constantly being challenged in today's game. I didn't like it, personally.  You're up by seven in the eighth inning; it's not typically a good time to swing  3-0." He continued by saying, " It's kind of the way we were all raised in the game."
Well Coach, you may have been raised in the game that way, but the players you are managing... They weren't.
Today's Player knows that giving away at bats or not trying your hardest at all times is the fastest way to find yourself on the bench, back in Triple-A or without a job. PERIOD. Major League Baseball is a business and the players are the sales team.  Under perform and you will be replaced.
All we know is if someone asked us to sell less Baseball Tees in order to help our competitors keep up... We'd tell them to go KICK ROCKS!
So from Baseball Tees & Today's Player, We Again Have This Advisory for You Pitchers... WE STAND WITH TATIS. WE STAND WITH MERCEDES. WE SWING 3-0... You've Been Warned!
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