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The Dogers And Dogecoin | What's Wrong? | Baseball Tees

The moon seems so far away right now for both the Dodgers & Dogers. 

Dogers Baseball Player Image

In recent weeks, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Dogecoin, have been making headlines & articles for all of the wrong reasons - despite both starting the year with expectations of moon like proportions. 

The Dodgers - (At the time of writing,) have lost 15 of their last 20 games (5 consecutive series), dropping to third place in the National League West - behind the San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres - while still clinging onto an 18-17 record (3.5 games back of the Giants).  This, has Dodger Nation wondering, "What the hell is going on?"

(The Legend Of Diesel Donnie & Ripping Heaters Tee - Blog Post) 

The Dogers - (See what we did there..ha) Have had to watch their winning ways take a nosedive as well.  Coming into last weekend & before the airing of the Oh-So Important, Saturday Night Live (featuring the DOGEboy himself, Elon Musk), the coin's value peaked around $.70, which had the Crypto Nation jumping for sheer joy.  After the airing, however, the value immediately plummeted about 40%, at its worst, which sent the Crypto-community into a total panic and the current value now sits roughly around fifty cents per coin. 

So what in the world is happening to both of these Do(d)gers and will they be able to get back on track this year?? 

We, at Baseball Tees, believe both the Dogers & the Dodgers will rebound and find their way to the MOON (at some point).  To commemorate where both are today and where we want them to be at the end of the season/year, Baseball Tees would like to present you with our Newest "MLB Teams" Collection Item:

Dogers Tee 

Dogers Tee By Baseball Tees

This Dogers Tee Shirt features the cryptocurrency that will take us to the moon and the name of all you HODL's out there... we like to call, "Dogers." On the back of the shirt, you have the "player's name & number" (2 T.he Moon). 

Dorgers Tee Logo Up Close

Enjoy this shirt if you are a fan of baseball, cryptocurrency, Major League Baseball or just want to support us in buying more Dogecoin... hehe, but seriously, buy the shirt so we can buy more DOGE!


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