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Legend Of Diesel Donnie & Ripping Heaters Tee

Elevate and Celebrate Your Baseball Wardrobe with Diesel Donnie Stevenson

Ripping Heaters Diesel Donnie

There’s a new hitting approach coach in town for the New York Mets and he goes by the name -  Diesel Donnie. In his short tenure with the team, Donnie Stevenson has already begun to make an impact on the teams’ success, most notably at the plate. Since the Diesel’s ‘arrival’ in New York, the Mets are averaging 6.5 runs per game and star player Pete Alonso, has gone 7 for 17 (.412 avg) with 4 doubles and 4 RBI’s, in the month of May. 

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When asked about his recent offensive breakout and what changes were made, Pete had this to say, “We just made a nice new hire, Donnie. He's nice. He's a great hitting/approach coach. Donnie's been great helping the team.”  Alonso went on to further say, “He's a "new hire. He's our mental/approach coach. I feel like we had a really cool collective team approach today, and Donnie helped us out for sure."

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The remarks made by Pete Alonso after Sunday Night’s 8-7 win over the Philadelphia Phillies, are what everyone is talking about and why the legend of Diesel Donnie has grown into the phenomenon it has become. 

“He had some guys in the cage and we were just focusing on ripping heaters,” Alonso said. “And that’s what we did today. We were focused on ripping the fastball around the yard and ripping the heater today was the main focus. We put a lot of runs on the board and we were really locked in. He had some really good words of advice and, yeah, I mean, it’s awesome.”

Ripping Heaters?....  We thought this term only applied to Jim Leyland when he was ripping down a Marlboro at the end of the dugout, late in a ballgame?

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Turns out, we were wrong because Diesel Donnie has the Mets taking drags off his new approach, which has them ripping baseballs all over the yard and pulling off late-inning heroics, the last 6 days.  

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