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The Magnus Effect In Baseball - May The Force Be With You

Pitchers and Jedi's need to use the force for GOOD!

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Back in 1852, Gustav Magnus, a physicist from Germany was attempting to understand why spinning artillery shells often curved in unprecedented ways, after being fired. 

What he noticed was that cylindrical or spherical objects spinning across a moving airstream will develop a force that is perpendicular to the direction of the moving air, which makes the object curve or deviate from its desired flight path.

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Based on these findings, the Magnus Effect, (or Magnus force) was derived.  At its core, the Magnus Effect is the aerodynamic force on a spinning baseball. The faster the ball spins, the larger the force. May The Force Be With You, Pitchers. 

Spinning things forward nearly 170 years to the present day, we still see how important the Magnus Effect is when applied to sports - particularly for baseball and softball.

Sticking with baseball, when a baseball player throws a pitch, let’s say a fastball, the ball is spinning with backspin (A.K.A Spin Rate) on its way to its intended target. Because of the high rate of backspin, the baseball experiences the Magnus Effect (or Magnus Force).  This effect or force is what creates the break on the pitch, if you will, that imparts movement (in one direction or another) on the baseball. Fastballs create a high pressure zone of air underneath the ball that helps it defy gravity while creating a rising effect in the eye’s of the hitter. 

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Opposite of the fastball, is the curveball. This particular pitch has forward spin that creates a high pressure zone of air on top of the ball as it is traveling toward home plate. This high pressure zone creates the added downward movement on the pitch, in conjunction with the pull of gravity. When higher force is imparted on the (curve)ball, it will have a harder and later break.

The combination of air pressure + gravitational pull = Magnus Force - Be With You


Magnus Force Be With You Tee


Baseball Tees took Magnus Force one step further and paired it with the iconic line from the movie series, Star Wars.  Yes, the Force is STRONG with us and also with you.  

Our Star Wars Themed Baseball Tees are the perfect companion for baseball players who are also Star Wars fans or if you like striking hitters out - The ‘force’ can help you.  The script is laid on the tee like the opening lines in the movies while they pass through space, to infinity and beyond. Star Wars and baseball tees go together like Magnus Force and strikeouts. 

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