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Our Story

Baseball Tees - Our Story
Baseball Tees - Our Story
Baseball Tees is a premium lifestyle & apparel brand based on the true history, grit and tradition of baseball - With a slight twist. We are The Official Brand of Today's Player in Baseball. #TodaysPlayer. The one’s who dominate on & off the field, to the one’s that like to have fun with the game of baseball - Those are #Today’s Players. And they are who we do it for! Our clothing designs are inspired by our love for baseball and our dream to make baseball shirts fun and stylish at the same time. We create baseball t-shirts, hats (soon), hoodies, and more - that will work as hard as you do. Baseball Tees is the Brand of Today's Baseball players and we strive to deliver the very best quality baseball clothing on market. 

Designed for those who know where they’re going with the ball before it comes to them. For those who spend their free time at the ballpark and those who still consider this game as America’s pastime. 

Join us in making baseball apparel stylish, fun, and true to the game we love. Baseball Tees are made for Today’s Player.


Los Angeles, California
Est. 2019
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Baseball Tees - Today’s Player

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Suit Up With Baseball Tees

For easy movement during practices, look for men's baseball shirts with 3/4-length sleeves. Baseball shirts with anti-odor technologies help prevent the growth of odor-causing microbes for lasting freshness, while baseball shirts made from moisture-wicking fabrics help draw sweat away from the body for a clean, dry feeling. We have different shirt styles to choose from. Choose men's baseball tees with contrast-color sleeves (when available) for a classic look, and select baseball jersey shirts with awesome graphics, so you can show support for America’s pastime at practice, while running errands or during an evening out. For training sessions and games we will unleash these lines soon!